Online Payment Search Form

NOTE: Please note all online payments will have a 4.5% processing fee added to your total due.
NOTE: FLAGGED bills will take up to 1 BUSINESS DAY to electronically clear at the RMV.
Please use this page to search for delinquent MOTOR VEHICLE EXCISE TAX bills. To complete a search, you must provide several pieces of information to ensure we match you to the bills in our system. This also prevents un-authorized access to your personal bill information. To START, please provide the LAST NAME (or COMPANY NAME) as it appears on the BILL you received. Once you enter your NAME, please CLICK one of the options below to continue entering specific information. Once completed, click the NEXT button within the option you choose. We will then present bills found matching the options you provided. **Online payments will have a NON-REFUNDABLE 4.5% convenience fee added to your total.**
Enter EITHER a valid LICENSE # or a valid REGISTRATION #. A LICENSE number is 9 characters long, and may be found on your DRIVERS LICENSE. The REGISTRATION # is your license plate number.

Enter the CITY/TOWN, TAX YEAR, and BILL NUMBER of the bill you received. We will use this information to pull back all related bills.

Enter the PIN CODE you received on your tax BILL or the PIN CODE you received while talking to CUSTOMER SERVICE.